How To Prepare For Race Day

How To Prepare For Race Day

The most important thing to remember when approaching race day is to do “VERY LITTLE” the week before the race. Often, we feel that a few good runs the week prior to the race will give us the extra edge in actual fact your fitness can’t change in the last week. Even if you don’t feel fully trained for your race, DOING NOTHING can achieve the most benefit. Relative rest prior to a race will leave you with fresh legs giving you the ability to dig deep on the day. If you have been training all week prior to the race, you will have nothing to give on race day.

The week before a race such as the Abe’s Amble 10 k running race, 2-3 short and easy runs during the week are all that is needed. Often, runners go for a run the day before (and easy 2-3 miles) to keep their legs loose, but some people feel better resting the day before.  Ultimately, you will need to decide what works best for you.

Getting a good night sleep is important the night before a race – so hit the sack early and try to rest. Many people will feel excited about the race the next day and may have difficulty getting to sleep the night before, this is why my Motto is: Get a good night sleep TWO nights before the race!

The night before the race check what the weather is going to be in the morning and make adjustments to clothing selections. Lay out cloths, running shoes, socks, race number, and hat to be ready for the A.M.

Eat a moderate meal the night before the race. Make sure it is something you would normally eat with no stomach or intestinal upsets. It is very important not to eat anything unfamiliar or too heavy.

The morning of the race get up 2-3 hours prior to the race, eat a light breakfast consisting of some carbohydrates, similar to your usual regimen.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure you hit the bathroom before you head out on the course.

Have a great race and enjoy the process.

By Brigitte Cutler PT