Ankle Pain and how to treat it

Ankle pain is a very common problem for individuals of all ages. The most common cause of ankle pain in a younger person is an ankle sprain. In the older group, osteoarthritis is often the culprit.

Back Pain Myths and Facts

Back pain is one of the most common pain complaints and we all know someone who has suffered from back pain or have experienced it ourselves.

How to have Healthy Joints

Joint injury can be very debilitating. Knees, hips and feet are the most commonly injured joints. These injuries can lead to eventual arthritis. So, taking good care of the joints is imperative.

How To Prepare For Race Day

Often, we feel that a few good runs the week prior to the race will give us the extra edge â?? in actual fact your fitness can’t change in the last week.

Barefoot Running

Barefoot running has the potential to improve running form, increase speed and reduce injury if done correctly. When done incorrectly, it will increase oneâ??s risk for injury.

Springfield Triathlon Club “Ask the Pro”

The Springfield Triathlon Club is presenting a program featuring Eric Bean, professional triathlete, at Dublin Pub on MacArthur. The program will be on Monday, August 16th, 2010 @ 6:30 pm.

Why rest days improve performance

Rest and recovery days are just as important as training days. Rest days should be put in the schedule just like speed and hill days, tempo running days and long run days.